The Street of Life

Home Mortgage

The equity in your house will count against your ability to receive college grants (free money) from many of the prestigious state and private colleges.  Furthermore, each college may assess your home equity differently. Consult with EPR professionals to develop a strategy that is flexible enough to pay for college whether your home equity is counted or not.

Starting a Family

It’s never too early to start funding a child’s college education.  The earlier you start the more options you have to ensure you are saving in the right manner.  It is critical you choose the right savings strategy to protect yourself against market risks and overbearing penalties on the FAFSA. Did you know that saving money in the student’s name can reduce your ability to receive financial aid by four times as much as other savings plans? The professionals at EPR know how to structure your savings plan in the most efficient way possible.

K12 School

Whether you send your children to public or private K12 school the professionals at EPR can help you develop a strategy to fit your needs. Did you know that some colleges will increase your financial aid by a percentage of the tuition you pay for sending your children to private K12 school?  Public or private, EPR can help you develop a strategy that fits your budget and allows your children to attend the college best suited for their goals and needs.


To receive financial aid you must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  You must file each year while attending college to receive financial aid.  We have found that approximately 80% of the FAFSA forms submitted to us for review have errors.  The professionals at EPR will review your FAFSA and optimize it to your advantage.


If you did acquire college loans, professionals at EPR will show you strategies to reduce them.  Some employers will pay some or all of your loans as a hiring incentive.  There are strategies that will pay off your loans with tax-free money.  Utilizing the College Debt Elimination Program can help you accelerate the time to pay off your debt by as much as 50%. Ask an EPR professional to review your situation and provide options.

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